Ymer sykkelskur

Ymer bicycle shelter is an affordable product with selectable length. The installation goes smoothly because of its light weight and simple construction. The profiles are in powder-coated aluminum while the wheel holder and the frame locker are in hot-dip galvanized design. Ymer is available in any standard color; Black, Gray, Green & Brown. Other colors against a set cost. Ymer can be installed on concrete blocks or footplates.

Weland Aluminum AB supplies CE-marked products.

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Picture 1: YMER 2 (9pl) c/c 2000 mm.

Hovedmateriale: Aluminium

Sekundærmateriale: Hot-dip Galvanized

Designet i: Sweden

Produsert i: Sweden

Product Family: YMER
Product Group: Bicycle Shelter
Published: 2020-09-09