Bike Dobbel sykkelstativ med rammelås

Bike bicycle is an affordable product with selectable length. The installation goes smoothly because of its light weight and simple construction. The profiles are in powder-coated aluminum while the wheel holder and the frame locker are in hot-dip galvanized design. Bike is available in any standard color; Black, Gray, Green & Brown. Other colors against a set cost. Bike can be installed on concrete blocks or footplates.

Weland Aluminum AB supplies CE-marked products.

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Picture 1: BIKE 2.0 (8pl) c/c 2000 mm.

Picture 2: BIKE 2.5 (10pl) c/c 2500 mm.

Hovedmateriale: Aluminium

Sekundærmateriale: Hot-dip Galvanized

Designet i: Sweden

Produsert i: Sweden

Product Family: Bicycle parking
Product Group: Bicycle rack
Published: 2020-09-09